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Research Manitoba GMS - TERMS OF USE

Research Manitoba GMS is intended to assist users in submission of applications for funding to Research Manitoba, and for users seeking to support, approve, monitor, administer and/or evaluate such applications while respecting the confidential nature of the information provided.

All information entered into this system will be governed and protected in accordance with applicable privacy legislation in the Province of Manitoba and with these Terms of Use.

Information provided will be transmitted to Research Manitoba in an encrypted file format and stored on a secure server.


The information collected using these web forms will be treated with strict confidentiality and may also be used to identify you when using the help desk or if you forget your system account or password.


I declare and attest that:

  1. I am the applicant, Supervisor/Co-Supervisor, Department Head, institutional administrator or reviewer for a Research Manitoba application.

  2. I declare that all the information I will provide will be accurate and complete. I agree to inform Research Manitoba immediately of any change to submitted information.

  3. I agree to abide by the strictest confidentiality with respect to my password. I also agree that I am fully responsible for the security of my password and that I will take all reasonable precautions to avoid disclosure to unauthorized individuals. I will notify Research Manitoba immediately if I suspect that the security of my system account or password logon information has been breached or if I suspect that access to Research Manitoba GMS has been or may be used unlawfully or without my consent.

  4. I authorize Research Manitoba, or other authorized assignee of Research Manitoba, (collectively 'Research Manitoba') who is responsible for the development, administration and operation of Research Manitoba GMS to collect, use and disclose the information provided for the purposes of approval, monitoring, administering and/or evaluating applications for funding. In addition, Research Manitoba is authorized to share information that I provide with those persons who support, approve, monitor, administer and/or evaluate applications for funding, including the appropriate administrative representatives of the host institution, peer reviewers, funding partners and staff at Research Manitoba.

  5. I understand that no changes will be made by Research Manitoba directly in any application or CCV submitted and that the CCV information received by Research Manitoba will be retained in a secure manner for my current and future use with Research Manitoba GMS. It is my responsibility to keep my CCV updated.

  6. I agree that Research Manitoba, in its sole discretion, is not required to accept any incomplete, inappropriate, inaccurate or late applications and that Research Manitoba, its staff, reviewers and funding partners will not be responsible for any incomplete, inappropriate, inaccurate or late applications. Research Manitoba may, where appropriate, reclassify or reject applications.

  7. I authorize Research Manitoba to use the information collected for statistical, research and administrative purposes, to provide me with specific publications or to contact me in the future with respect to my possible participation in research related task forces, peer reviews, surveys, etc.

  8. I authorize Research Manitoba and its funding partners to use the information collected, including lay and scientific summary and identifiable information, for the purposes of communicating successful applications to the general public through their media formats including websites, newsletters, publications, etc.

  9. I agree that Research Manitoba and its funding partners are not liable in any way for the subsequent use or misuse, by any member of the public, of any of my information that is published to the general public.

  10. I will not use or disclose any information of others that I obtain or view in connection with my permitted access to Research Manitoba GMS except for the sole purpose of my declared participation in the Research Manitoba GMS system relating to that particular application.

  1. I warrant that I will not use Research Manitoba GMS for any purpose that breaches confidentiality or privacy of others, is unlawful or prohibited by this subscription agreement or that in any way could damage or impair the system or interfere with any other party's use of the system. I will not obtain, or attempt to obtain, any materials or information through Research Manitoba GMS that have not intentionally been made available to me. NOTE: System activity is monitored. Unauthorized users risk prosecution.

  2. Research Manitoba reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate or restrict my access to Research Manitoba GMS and the related services or any portion thereof at any time, without notice.

  3. All contents of Research Manitoba GMS are subject to copyright and trademark protection. All rights reserved.

  4. If I wish to close my Research Manitoba GMS account, I will contact the Research Manitoba Help Desk.

  5. If I have any questions or concerns regarding these conditions of agreement, I can contact the Research Manitoba GMS Help Desk at (204) 775-1096 or by e-mail

When I select "I ACCEPT" below, I confirm that I am in full acceptance of these Research Manitoba GMS Terms of Use and that this electronic acceptance is equivalent to my handwritten signature. I recognize and accept that this agreement applies in full to all applications, documents and communications I may submit, view or obtain electronically or otherwise relating to Research Manitoba GMS and the operations of Research Manitoba.